Integrated system for effective management of all acquisitions

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May 14, 2016
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January 28, 2016

We’ve been approached by ARR (Romanian Road Transportation Authority) to create a system able to manage their entire acquisitions process. The client’s requirements were very clear:

  • a system easy to be accessed from different centers
  • multiple level of users with different rights
  • a system to respect their internal procedures
  • a tool able to make their work more efficient

We chose to build this with WordPress because another requirement from the client was to use something with no extra costs for licenses, very easy to update and with a friendly interface.

What we delivered was indeed a complex system, custom made for our client’s needs. Basically now they have a tool which gives them the possibility to manage the entire process of acquisitions from adding the services providers, to create contracts, addendum’s, invoices, authorization of payments, order forms, reports of necessary. The system has also other features like

  • generating different reports
  • sending notifications, according to different rules
  • printing documents in an official format
  • CSV export

All the documents are deep linked so working with them is very easy and the entire work flow is now really efficient.