Online education platform with mobile apps

Transporation planning and logistics management app
June 30, 2016
Integrated system for effective management of all acquisitions
January 29, 2016

Building an online education platform is not easy at all, it requires a lot of research and extra attention on how easy it will be for the users to get to the information they need. Even if the client initially wanted to build the website from scratch, we introduced him to WordPress and we convinced him to use it. Besides the user experience with the interface, another challenge for us was the complex structure of the posts. There is a lot of logic behind because there are so many particular scenarios on how our client wanted to edit, like using same custom fields values for different posts based on a taxonomy or advanced filtering by both taxonomies and custom fields from related posts. But, in the end we delivered everything we’ve been requested.

Even if the website was responsive, our client wanted to offer the users a better experience when browsing the website from a mobile terminal, so we created a HTML5 web app. The feedback was so good that the next step came naturally: iOS and Android apps. First version of the apps was based on the web app, but the second was built from scratch. We used Sencha Touch and PhoneGap among others. The client asked us to keep all the content for everything (website and apps) in one place so we keep it in WordPress and the apps are getting everything directly from the live site. In the current version each article has a common part and some dedicated sections for the website, phone apps or tablet apps. The mobile apps have also the possibility to make the content available offline..