Mobile Apps

0-neu-d3-8390a57dbb41d8c4d83dd44a278e84caWe built this app using Sencha Touch (80%), customized PhoneGap plugins (10%) and Java code (10%). As external plugins we’ve used plugins for GPRS, photo camera, video camera, audio recording, draw canvas, contacts, distances measurements, 3G, 4G, WiFi or offline work.

Mainly this app is tracking a driver’s activity. After the driver logs in, he has access to a lot of options, named activities, a part of them (driving, resting, accident, pause) can be executed during the driving and another part (load order, unload, order, hitch trailer, unhitch trailer, put on container, put off container, cleaning container, send documents, breaks and so on) can be executed only when he arrived to a destination or to a predefined location.

The driver either is following a list of actions predefined in the administration section or, depending on a context he can execute new actions, selected by him.

Lately we spent a lot of time improving the app’s performance and also adding new features like containers cleaning process, distance measurement to the destination, saving and sending invoices received by the driver, local storage of the info for the case when the driver is outside the coverage area so the driver’s activity log is stored without missing anything.